I wish I could give this company 10 stars! I was looking for a Tacoma for my son (turning 16 next month). I scouted facebook market place and drove to Atlanta to look at several only to find that they were misrepresented and in much worse shape than the seller description. Then on my way to the beach we spotted a gorgeous Tacoma on display in front of Dothan Off-Road and Marine. It was after hours so I left of message expressing my interest. First thing Monday morning I received a call from "....". He was very helpful in sending me additional info and history on the vehicle. I setup a test drive appointment the following Friday and they were waiting for me when I arrived. My wife and I drove the Tacoma around Dothan. It was in great shape and well taken care of. I didn’t see anything that indicated that the dealership was trying to hide something on the vehicle by making a quick fix. I had noticed many “quick fixes” on other vehicles I looked at at other dealerships. Upon return "...." was ready to answer questions and assist with paperwork. Can’t say enough good things about this dealership and their team. Highly recommend! – Jamie

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